Refreshers Training Courses

Refresher training course aimed to reviews, reinforces, and upgrades participants’ existing knowledge and skills. The refresher courses, which are typically one week long, consist of interactive lectures, role-plays, group discussions, field trips, country presentations by participants, social events, and a final ceremony where certificates of attendance are awarded. During the courses the participants attended classes as well as have time to share their own professional experiences and networking.

Objectives of the courses:

  • Facilitating exchanges of experiences between alumni from different regions facing similar issues and problems in their professional capacities.
  • Enhancing and strengthening relationships among these alumni, and between them and ZCC.
  • Adapting and improving the approaches and contents of courses held at ZCC on the basis of the experiences and practices of professionals working in Tanzania.
  • Exploring opportunities for establishing and strengthening local and regional knowledge centres that are part of regional and global network.

Refresher Course 2021/2022.

We can design any refresher course according to the client’s specific requirements, regarding course content, duration, number of participants, topics covered during the course, etc.

Duration of the Course

Refresher Training Course is designed to take maximum 2 weeks depending on the training needs and size of the audience, as well as the training methodology used on the course.

Refresher Courses

Need to update your knowledge of a newer system, revised industry procedures, or the latest accounting standards? Or do you just want to reinforce your knowledge? With this benefit, you can re–take any of your prior coursework.

Hospitality Operation

Course Outline: 1. Introduction to food and beverage operation. 2. Introduction in Room Division. 3. How to improve guest experience in covid 19. 4. How to handle customers complaint and effective communication. 5. Covid 19 service recovering strategies

Marketing Skills

Course Outline: 1. Marketing Cocept. 2. Marketing Trend. 3. Marketing planning. 4. Marketing research. 5. Market mix. 6. Market target and production positioning. 7. New product development. 8. Sales promotion. 9. Internet

Customer Service Skills

Course Outline: 1. Concept. 2. Why customer. 3. Quality services. 4. Organization culture and Communication skills. 5. Leadership.

Bar & Beverage Services

Course Outline: 1. Introduction in Bar and beverage. 2. Types of beverage. 3. Spirits, beer and wine storage and services. 4. Cocktail and mock tail preparation and services.

Secretorial & Management Skills

Course Outline: 1. Concept. 2. Office planning and organizing 3 Services and management skills. 4. Communication skills. Computer application.

Hotel Accounting

Course Outline: 1. Concept and Functions of accounting. 2. Food and beverage pricing and control. 3. Hotel sales management. 4 . Hotel billing system. 5. Bank reconciliation.

To begin the process of enrolling in a refresher course, please email us in A representative will contact you and, depending on your goals and program, consult with your HR department to determine the best refresher course for you.