Entry Requirements of Zanzibar City College

Diploma in Accountancy

Accountancy Course concerned with the concepts of money, business and management, with an emphasis on professional careers in this area.  Accounting is concerned with a range of information analysis, for many different aspects of a business.


Course Highlights of Accountancy

Course Name

Diploma in Accountancy

Course level



 2 year

Examination Type


Minimum entry Requirement

Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (NECTA) with four “Passes excluding religious subjects, In addition, the three(D) passes must include a pass in any of the following Basic Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Agriculture, Engineering Science, Geography and other science related subjects.

Course Code


Course Categories

Business & Management



Key skills for accountants

Accountants go through a rigorous recruitment and qualification process, and this is reflected in their high professional status. Employers look for graduates with the following skills:



Business acumen and interest

Organization Skills and ability to manage deadlines

Communication and Interpersonal skills

Proficiency in IT

Analytical ability

Proficiency in IT

High level of numeracy

A methodical approach and problem-solving skills


Job Profile

A qualified company secretary will find employment across all industries, from financial firms and banks to heavy industry as well as government organizations. The profiles that candidates get after completing the course are given below:


1. Auditor:  Auditors are specialists who review the accounts of companies and organizations to ensure the validity and legality of their financial records. They can also act in an advisory role to recommend possible risk aversion measures and cost savings that could be made.


Auditors work in the accounting departments of a huge range of firms and with independent chartered and certified firms, examining the money going in and out of organizations and making sure it is recorded and processed correctly


2.Financial manager: Financial managers advise clients on appropriate business planning and help in decision making processes to ensure that businesses are financially successful. This might involve advising on investments, savings, pensions or insurance products.


A wide range of organizations employ financial managers including: financial institutions, supermarkets, insurance companies, manufacturers, charities, utilities, local government, health authorities, industrial organizations, retailers, universities/colleges, IT companies and engineering firms.


3.Tax inspector: Tax inspectors calculate the tax liability of businesses and individuals, check tax returns and identify tax evasion.


4. Accounting technician: Accounting technicians carry out a range of practical accounting tasks, working towards the collation, checking and analysis of financial information, which is then utilized by accountants. 

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