Campus Overview

Student Development and Campus Life

The Student Development and Campus Life department at Zanzibar City College complements the educational experience by working to provide a safe and secure environment that promotes the intellectual, psychological, physical, social, and professional development of our students. A wide range of programs, activities, and services are designed to appeal to student interests and offer opportunities to network, share, and lead. Recognizing that learning extends far beyond the classroom, Student Development and Campus Life staff offer a range of student activities including field trips, guest speakers, social and cultural events, and more to contribute to the overall Zanzibar City College experience.


New Student Orientations are held at the start of every academic semester to help familiarize students with their new surroundings and the services and resources available to them. Students are encouraged to get fully involved in Zanzibar City College life and to take advantage of the opportunities that can help empower them to succeed. During Orientation, students learn about the mission of Zanzibar City College and are introduced to faculty members and associates from Academic Advisement, the Library, Career Services, Financial Literacy, Student Accounts, and Financial Aid.

Student Support

Along with an excellent career-focused education, Zanzibar City College provides a comprehensive range of student services that address the academic and personal needs of students. These services are designed to help make the Zanzibar City experience more effective, more efficient, and more enjoyable. We encourage you to explore and take advantage of the student support services that are available to you.

Career Services

You’ll begin working closely with our Career Services department right from the beginning of your Zanzibar City College experience. Our Career Counselors will help you with everything from choosing a career path to preparing you to enter the professional world. Need a part-time job while still in school? Career Services can help assist you with résumé and interview preparation and help identify opportunities that fit your goals. Zanzibar City graduates receive free career assistance.

Counseling and Wellness

Zanzibar City College values its students and is committed to providing resources and support for the “whole student.” Our counseling services exist to collaborate with faculty and staff to maintain student wellness and facilitate student success. With a holistic approach, we help each student achieve a healthy balance in his or her many life roles, assisting in the successful transition into college and all the way to graduation. Counseling services are offered at all on-site and online campuses. Call or stop by to schedule an appointment. Click for more information.