Programmes Offered at Zanzibar City College

Hospitality Programmes

The program offers vast opportunities in the variety of fields, including culinary arts, restaurant management, sports and gaming, hotel management, tourism, and event planning and general management as it offers a comprehensive study focused on the management of food, beverage, and accommodation of guests. Such graduates may be hired as Hospitality Executive, Catering Officer, Manager& Supervisor, Cabin Crew Hostess/Host, Field Supervisor, Marketing Manager, Catering Supervisor & Assistant, Manager and/or Supervisor, etc. They may be hired in fields such as the Tourism Industry, Hotels/Restaurants, Airlines, Cruise Ships, Tourism Industry, Retail Industry, Colleges/Universities, etc.

Certificate in Food Production

Certificate in Food & Beverage Services

Certificate in Air Fare & Ticket

Certificate in Hotel Management

Certificate in Tour Guiding & Operation

Diploma in Food Production

Diploma in Food & Beverage Services

Diploma in Air Fare & Ticket

Diploma in Hotel Management

Diploma in Tour Guiding & Operation

Business Programmes

Business studies is the academic subject concerned with the study of business and includes a wide range of disciplines such as Accounting, Banking, Corporate Social Responsibility, Finance, International Trade, Logistics, Marketing, and e-Business all fall within the category of Business Studies. A business studies course will prepare students for the challenges of working within the 21st century business sector, an industry which has changed dramatically since the turn of the millennium thanks to technological developments and an economic crash.

Certificate in Accountancy

Certificate in Business Administration

Certificate in Human Resource Management

Certificate in Procurement & Supply Management

Certificate in Secretary Course

Diploma in Accountancy

Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Human Resource Management

Diploma in Procurement & Supply Management

Diploma in Secretary Course

ICT Programmes

A program in information and communication technology seeks to prepare students to work in an increasingly complex and fast-paced world. Scholars learn from professionals about the concepts of communication from relevant case studies from the real-life business community. Students may learn about job markets, interview techniques, networking, internships and preparing effective resumes. They may also work with the latest communication programs and explore software that manages a company’s finances. A course in ICT prepares graduates for many potential jobs with corporations, small businesses, schools and other organizations. They may seek entry-level jobs or chose to attend additional schooling. Positions available in the field of communication technology include clerk, secretary, office worker, retailer, file clerk, inventory worker, finance clerk and receptionist. They may also seek work as computer programmers, IT analysts and software salespersons.

Certificate in Information Technology

Our Popular Courses

Look some of the most popular courses at Zanzibar City College of Technology

Food Production

Food production is a major department in hospitality industry in which candidates can excel by learning various aspects of food production.

Community Development

The programme produce professionals with skills, knowledge and right attitude to facilitate efficient development process of communities.

Air fare & Ticketing

Fares and Ticketing is a niche specialization of the Hospitality and Travel field.

Nursery teaching Training

I wish you all a peaceful and successful session full of achievements in your academic endeavours at your respective levels of studies.

Secretary & Record Archives

Secretary Course is one of the principal posts in a company. He/she act as a conscience seeker of the company.

Human Resource Managment

Human Resource Management designed to meet the need to formally focus our quality economic development on the period